THE JESUS ROLLS Finally Has A Trailer

Get your first look at the BIG LEBOWSKI spin-off we're still not convinced is a good idea!

Many years ago now, BMD broke a very peculiar story: according to someone we were in direct contact with, John Turturro was in the process of filming a top secret spin-off to The Big Lebowski, which at that time was called Going Places. My recollection of that event is that, even once we learned this information, we had a hard time believing it was true. Then we saw some hastily-snapped set pics and had no choice but to believe. 

That was three and a half years ago (my god, what have we all been doing with our lives), and in the time since we have often wondered: "Hey, what the hell ever happened to that Jesus Quintana movie?" Well, The Jesus Rolls (as it's now called) is finally headed to theaters, and today brings us our very first trailer for the film. 

It looks...well, see what you think.

For those who haven't been keeping up with this saga, The Jesus Rolls isn't just a Big Lebowski spin-off - it's also a loose remake of the 1974 comedy Les Valseuses, which revolved around two petty thieves competing to give a woman her first orgasm. You can spot some of Les Valseuses' DNA in the trailer above, but it also looks like Turturro and company have taken some liberties with the original. That's...probably wise.

As for the trailer itself, well, we're still not convinced this is a great idea, but that probably has more to do with our experience with other years-after-the-fact sidequels and spin-offs rather than anything we're seeing here. We'll give Turturro's film a shot when it arrives, and here's hoping that it lives up to the legacy of Joel and Ethan Coen's iconic (and, uh, highly problematic!) character.

This one apparently arrives on February 28th. Keep your eyes peeled.