Wes Anderson’s THE FRENCH DISPATCH Trailer Is Extra Wes Andersony

But, then again, everything Wes Anderson does is extra Wes Andersony isn’t it?

The time has come for another Wes Anderson movie. That may sound like a common occurrence but it’s been a surprising six years since his last live-action film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. That film’s mild leap forward in narrative maturity (it seemed to directly comment upon the worth of Anderson’s whimsy in a garbage world) has me more excited than normal - and I’m usually pretty darn excited! - to see where he goes from there. And now we have a trailer for what that looks like, even though we all knew exactly what it was going to look like:

All the hallmarks are here, and yet I never tire of it. The French Dispatch appears to sport a structure built around short stories published by the titular magazine, making it seem almost like a vague anthology film filled with Wes Anderson regulars and actors who were born to be Wes Anderson regulars and are just now getting their chance.

This is of course non-negotiable viewing and I’ve even tried to heighten my writing style in its presence. The French Dispatch will continue Kansas’ very good year July 24, offering an intellectual respite amongst a sea of (well, maybe two or three) superhero films. Enjoy it, and then discuss it over absinthe in a quiet cafe adorned with a series of tasteful nudes.