Bong Joon-ho’s MEMORIES OF MURDER & PARASITE Are Getting The Criterion Treatment

Good news for people with good taste.

Disclosure: Tim League, founder and CEO of Birth.Movies.Death.’s parent company Alamo Drafthouse, is a co-founder of NEON.

So, here's a very brief - yet very exciting! - bit of news for you: according to the press release which just landed in our inbox, Bong Joon-ho's Memories of Murder (2003) and his multi-Oscar-winning Parasite (2019) are both getting the Criterion Collection treatment!

The former appears to be currently unavailable to purchase or stream via Amazon, while the latter is readily available, and has become something of a best-seller since Parasite's big night at the Oscars. I imagine that means some of you have already purchased Parasite. Well, you'll now be purchasing it again, only this time it will (presumably) be stacked with all the bells and whistles that tend to accompany any Criterion Collection release. We're particularly excited to see what they do for the cover art!

Unfortunately, there's not much more to report at this time. We're not entirely sure when these new editions will land or what'll be on 'em, but given the internet's ongoing love affair with Bong Joon-ho (an affair we respect, by the way), we figured you'd wanna know as soon as possible. Now you know. You're welcome!