Harrison Ford Says INDIANA JONES 5 Will Begin Filming In About Two Months

Here we go again.

In a new interview with CBS News, Harrison Ford offers up the first update we've heard on the still-untitled Indiana Jones 5 in quite some time: namely, that the film will begin shooting in about two months. This isn't terribly newsy, if we're being honest - Indiana Jones 5 is already to open on July 9th of next year - but it could be of interest to anyone wondering where Spielberg and company are at on this thing. So, here we are.

What else can we say about Indiana Jones 5? Very little! The MacGuffin (which is to say, whatever artifact Dr. Jones will be hunting down this time) has yet to be revealed, we know jack-shit about who else will star in the film (it seems beyond unlikely that Shia LaBeouf would return as Mutt Ravenwood, but what about Karen Allen?), and there's been no indication that this sequel will introduce us to a "new" Indy (something fans have long feared). 

What we do know is that Indiana Jones 5 strikes us as a massively risky proposition, particularly following on the heels of Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, which arrived back in 2008 to a much-divided fan reaction. I have long maintained that Crystal Skull is the worst of the Indy films, but it's worth noting that I've recently seen something of a low-key fan reappraisal happening for Crystal Skull on social media, to which I say: woof

Anyway, here's hoping they pull this off. It'd be heartbreaking to get this whole band back together and not pull out a win, especially given that this is all but guaranteed to be Harrison Ford's last at-bat as everyone's favorite Nazi-punching archaeologist. We're crossing our fingers, but we'll also be approaching this one with a healthy dose of skepticism. Stay tuned.