Is New Batman Wearing The Gun That Killed His Parents Or The One That Killed Wolverine?

His codpiece is covered by the metal of the sewer grate his mother’s pearls bounced into.

The always dependable internet went a little nuts yesterday as it finally got a first look at Robert Pattinson in his chunky new Batsuit. We will be obsessing over this for the next decade if all goes well, so it was a momentous occasion indeed. And naturally, people are taking it way too far.

It does appear to be a cool costume. I like the cap and collar. The mask looks leather, which is neat. People have been pointing out its resemblance to Netflix’s Daredevil costume, but I’m willing to let that go. By the time this comes out, we won’t even remember Daredevil existed.

And of course there is already some egregiously wild speculation about the costume, specifically about the noticeably different bat symbol upon the chest, which appears to be a cavity filled with bat-shaped tools of some sort. The internet has decided that these are pieces of the gun used to murder Batman’s parents, symbolically repurposed to protect him from that same fate, I guess. The idea comes from a Kevin Smith comic. An actual comic, not one of those drawings of Jay and Silent Bob at a grave when someone famous dies.

It sure seems like a leap. I’ve looked at the footage and tried very hard to see a disassembled gun, but just can’t. The whole thing may end up being true, but for right now it seems much more likely those are useful bits of batcrap than emo decoration.

If it is the gun, why stop there? He should melt down the entire crime scene. Surely he can gain something useful by digging up Joe Chill’s corpse and making power from his bones. Let’s go all the way with this.

In the meantime, this movie is going to be wild and I am very excited for it, particularly if they decide they want to figure out a way for this to be a Batman who can hang out with Wonder Woman and Aquaman and that whole crew. And if those do turn out to be guns, I will apologize to the internet via Scott Wampler.