The Kissing Connection Is Like Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, But With More Tongue

How many kisses does it take to get from Charlie Chaplin to Timothée Chalamet? Let's find out!

Those lovable movie nerds at the Alamo Drafthouse are at it again, this time with some hot Valentine's Day #content that is both cute and informative – and (I'm not just saying this because they're paying me) actually pretty cool. The Kissing Connection explores how movies are connected through the time-honored tradition of sucking face. It's not just some montage featuring a bunch of memorable kissing scenes, either. Think of it more like a cinematic game of Suck and Blow (get your head out of the gutter and save it for whoever you're smooshing faces with later), or Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – only in this instance, Kevin Bacon is replaced by kissing. Listen, I am not a movie physicist but I think that analogy works. 

Just watch: 

The video goes way back in time to use one of the earliest and most notable movie stars as a starting point: Charlie Chaplin. We then follow his on-screen kissing partner from The Champion, Edna Purviance, as she kisses Adolphe Menjou in A Woman of Paris – and so on. Eventually, we get to Timothée Chalamet making out with Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name. Romantic? Yes. Smart? Definitely more than me! Informative? I mean, did you know it would take 125 kisses to get from one lovable cinematic tramp to another? I THINK NOT. 

Happy Valentine's Day (or not, whatever you prefer), you doinks!