UNCUT PEE-WEE Trailer Mashes Up Pee-Wee Herman & The Safdie Bros.

Two great tastes that go...surprisingly well together.

A few weeks ago, we learned that Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, had approached the Safdie Bros. (fresh off a still-unacceptable Oscar snub for their outstanding work on Uncut Gems) about directing a dark, Beyond The Valley of The Dolls-esque "Pee-wee Goes to Hollywood" movie. This was a fun thing to imagine! Just picture it: the inherent grit and grime of the Safdie Bros., lovingly layered over a tale of wanton excess and debauchery featuring Pee-wee Herman. We don't think it'll ever happen, of course, but in terms of things that are fun to spend 20 minutes daydreaming about, this pairing ranked very high. 

Now someone has taken that daydream one step further. As pointed out by our friends over at The Playlist, the following mash-up brings "A Pee-wee Herman movie directed by the Safdie Brothers" to startling life, combining the Uncut Gems soundtrack, footage from just about every Pee-wee project that's ever existed, and clips from A Star is Born into one easily-digested package.

It is the perfect dumb thing to spend the next two minutes watching.

We still don't think that Safdie Bros./Pee-wee movie's ever gonna happen, but we can always dream. And if dreaming's not enough, we can always refer back to the clip above. 

By the way, Uncut Gems hits Blu-ray on March 10th. Go ahead and pre-order it now.