VENOM 2 Shows Off Woody Harrelson’s Make-Under

Ol' Cletus got a haircut!

UPDATE: Seems like Tom Hardy may have jumped the gun on sharing that set photo – it's been removed from his Instagram page, but we're gonna go ahead and leave this up for posterity.

The ride-or-dies who stuck it out for the end credits scene in Venom will never be able to shake the film's final image – it's the one at the top of this post: the introduction of Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson in an extremely clowny red wig. Like, the sort of wig someone would wear in the porn parody of Venom. That moment is second only to the introduction of Eddie Brock's Brock Report, which damn sure better be included in Venom 2 or Andy Serkis is canceled

Serkis can keep his job as director for now – at least based on this new photo from the set of the sequel, featuring Harrelson's Cletus/Carnage in what appears to be full Tony Montana cosplay, now with a slightly more expensive rag on his head: 


Hello Cletus ��

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The photo, in case you never learned how to read (I am impressed that you made it this far – both in life and in this article), comes to us courtesy of Tom Hardy and his Instagram account. It also proves that Hardy is not a method man because that pic would never pass muster on The Brock Report

Venom 2 is (obviously) currently in production with Hardy and Harrelson joined by returning co-stars Michelle Williams and Reid Scott, along with Naomie Harris – who is reportedly playing Shriek, the love interest of Cletus/Carnage (are we going to see symbiotes do sex stuff? GOD I HOPE SO). The sequel is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2.