The Safdie Brothers & Nathan Fielder Are Bringing THE CURSE To Showtime

We require no further information. We are sold. Give us THE CURSE.

Earlier today we ran story about an interesting new project that'd been put into development by Showtime: a horror/comedy from Taika Waititi, starring Jude Law, about an unhinged Hollywood producer who somehow manages to trap his own film crew into a closed set with a serial killer. Upon hearing this news, you probably thought, "Wow, that is guaranteed to be the most exciting new Showtime project I hear about today!" 

Wrong again, chump. According to Deadline, Showtime has just given a pilot green light to The Curse, a new half-hour comedy series from Nathan Fielder (Nathen For You) and the Safdie Bros (Uncut Gems, Good Time). That sound you hear right now is the entire BMD staff losing its minds simultaneously. While we work through that, here's how Deadline's describing the show:

 "[The Curse] explores how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple who star in Flipanthropy, their troubled HGTV show...Fielder will play the husband; Benny Safdie will play the producer of the HGTV show."

That is...not the description we expected! But then, of course this wasn't just gonna be some Nathan For You redux, shot through the Sadfies' grimy lens (though, to be clear, we would also definitely watch that show). Perhaps The Curse will be presented as an actual HGTV-style reality show, perhaps it'll be more straightforward than that. Whatever the case may be, we're extremely curious to learn more. It's like they made this one just for us!

Stay tuned for further updates on The Curse as they roll in. While you're waiting, we suggest you go watch Nathan For You's entire run on Hulu, and the Safdie Bros' Good Time on Netflix. If you've already seen 'em, watch 'em again.