Adam McKay & Jennifer Lawrence Will Bring About The End Of The World

For Netflix.

This sounds fun: according to a new report over at THR, Adam McKay and Jennifer Lawrence are teaming up for a new film by the name of Don't Look Up. Something of a pre-apocalypse comedy, the film tells the story of "two scientists who discover that a meteor will strike the Earth in six months. They go on a media tour trying to warn the world but find an unreceptive and unbelieving populace." 

According to THR, the $75M project was initially pitched to Paramount, only to be scooped up by Netflix (this has become an increasingly popular move for the seemingly unstoppable streaming platform). The project is now being fast-tracked, with McKay expected to roll cameras as soon as April. In other words, we might end up seeing Don't Look Up before we see McKay's Parasite series, currently in the works over at HBO.

Says Netflix's head of film, Scott Stuber:

“Adam has always had great timing when it comes to making smart, relevant and irreverent films that depict our culture. Even if he somehow ends up predicting planet Earth’s imminent demise, we’re excited to add this to our slate before it all comes to an end.”

Look, we're suckers for a good apocalypse story, be it a pre-apocalypse story, a post-apocalypse story, or just a documentary about life in the 2020's. We'll definitely give this one a whirl whenever it hits Netflix, and will keep you abreast of any further Don't Look Up developments as they roll in. Stay tuned.