DOC SAVAGE Lives (Again), This Time As A Sony TV Series

This site really needs a "Here We Go Again" tag.

In Hollywood, some projects are legendary for being in a constant state of development. The Crow reboot. The Uncharted movie. Gemini Man (which actually got made after spending decades in development hell, only to be largely shrugged off by audiences - whoops). Another such project is the Doc Savage movie, which Hollywood has been threatening to make for...well, for about as long as I've been reading about movies online.

Last we discussed the project, the year was 2016. The Rock had just signed on to headline a version of the film written and directed by Shane Black. It probably goes without saying that this project never materialized, something The Rock would later blame on "business affairs-related issues" (perhaps the performance of Black's The Predator had an impact? Who knows), but we figured that probably wasn't the last we'd heard of the project. 

We were right. According to Deadline, Doc Savage is now being developed as a Sony TV series, from Neil Moritz's Original Film and Condé Nast. Sounds like Moritz has given the whole thing a lot of thought, and come to the conclusion that a TV show - something with the size and scope necessary to capture all the weird mythology, cool gadgets and hundreds of characters of the property - would be a better fit. We tend to agree!

As of this writing, there's no indication who'll be writing the series, directing it, who'll star as the titular pulp hero, where it'll air or when we might see it, so do take all of the above with a Doc Savage-sized grain of salt. We'll let you know if any further updates roll in. Until then: are y'all actually interested in a Doc Savage series? Sound off below.