If You Like This GUNS AKIMBO Clip, You’ll Probably Like GUNS AKIMBO

It's Daniel Radcliffe with guns bolted to his hands, being hunted by Samara Weaving. Need we go on?

Last year at Fantastic Fest I caught a movie called Guns Akimbo, the latest from madman/director Jason Lei Howden, and my subsequent review compared the film to "having someone toss a bucket of cocaine and bullets right into your stupid face", a sentiment that I absolutely stand by all these months later.

Indeed, Guns Akimbo is a wild, immature, ultra-violent, sometimes tasteless action/thriller/comedy, one wherein Daniel Radcliffe screws with the wrong people, gets guns bolted to his hands, and is then forced into a live-streamed battle to the death against a very angry, very well-armed Samara Weaving. It is big, loud, and most definitely not for all audiences...but something tells me the BMD crowd will largely embrace it.

Here: watch this just-released new clip from Howden's film. If you like what you see here, you'll probably like Guns Akimbo.

And this is probably one of the more restrained scenes in the movie.

Guns Akimbo will be available On Demand and in select theaters starting on February 28th. We hope y'all enjoy this one just as much as we did.