I Have No Idea What’s Going On In This WESTWORLD S3 Trailer But It Looks Great

This is what Scott gets for not keeping up with WESTWORLD.

So, ah, funny story! Well, "funny" story.

I watched, and loved, every episode of Westworld's first season. Couldn't get enough of it. Even went out and bought those old time-y piano soundtracks they released on vinyl (lemme tell ya, those things crush if you've got people over and just want some fun background noise). Then Westworld S2 rolled around, many months later, and by that point I'd sorta forgotten where all the pieces were on the board. An episode or two into that second season, I decided to pause, telling myself that I'd rewatch the entire thing from the beginning, get all caught up, and get back on the same page with everyone else. You have probably already guessed, based on the headline of this post, that this is not what happened. I never got around to catching up with Westworld.

As such, I have no goddamn idea what's going on in this brand-new S3 trailer, which is exciting and compelling and sure makes me wish I hadn't fallen behind on my Westworld duties all those months ago! See what you think...

So, yes, my first order of business - for real this time! - is to catch up with Westworld's second season. Probably gonna start from the beginning, too, because at this point I'm not sure I remember much of anything about S1 beyond that bloody season finale. That's the power of a good trailer! If you can cut together two minutes and fifty seconds' worth of footage strong enough to make me want to spend an entire weekend mounting a series rewatch, you've done something very right.

Westworld will return on May 1st. Sound off in the comments below if you're excited, enraged, or ambivalent about the whole thing. If anyone needs me, I'll be giving HBO GO a workout in my living room.