JD Dillard & Matt Owens Are Developing A New STAR WARS Movie

Aaaaand that's pretty much all we know, but please click through. Our children are starving.

It's five minutes until close on a Friday, and you know what that means: time for one of the trades to drop a bombshell scoop on us, preferably one with precious few accompanying details - just enough to warrant a post, but not so much that you'll end up learning anything of substance from that post. Praise the Movie Gods that THR stepped up to the plate. We thank them for their service.

Here's the news: JD Dillard (last seen directing the excellent creature feature Sweetheart, which all of you should go watch on Netflix as soon as possible) and Matt Owens (writer on Netflix's Daredevil) are teaming up for a new Star Wars movie. Actively developing it together, even. This is the beginning and end of the available information regarding this project, unfortunately. 

To wit: Will it be a theatrical release or something that goes straight to Disney+? No idea. It's definitely a movie, though? Er, yeah, we think so. Will Dillard actually direct this probably-a-Star-Wars-movie or is he only developing it? Haha, uh, we don't know that, either. What's it about? Unknown. Who'll star in it? Could be literally anyone, maybe even you. Okay, well, when can we see it? Presumably sometime between now and the heat death of the universe. 

While THR's lack of details regarding this matter is, indeed, frustrating, it's genuinely exciting to hear that Dillard's taking on such a high profile project. Sweetheart (which, again, I cannot recommend enough) was a helluva piece of work, and I'm to understand that his 2016 film, Sleight, is also worth seeking out. This project represents a huge leap forward for the guy - a director of color, no less! - and we're sincerely excited for him. 

For now, that's all we got for you, but stay tuned for further details as they roll in. And please, enjoy your weekends.