Nia DaCosta’s CANDYMAN Just Got A Sweet New Poster

Maybe don't say his name out loud, though.

The first poster for Nia DaCosta's highly-anticipated Candyman just made its way online, and (In the grand tradition of any film with Jordan Peele's name in the credits; here he's a co-writer on the script and an EP) it offers a simple, bold, memorable image against a stark background. In this case: Candyman's iconic hook, slathered in honey and serving as a resting place for a friendly little bee! 

Take a look.

Love it. I have no notes to offer this poster.

As for Candyman itself, well, as you've certainly heard by now: DaCosta's is something of a spiritual sequel to Bernard Rose's 1992 horror classic, with connective tissue tying this film to the original while also introducing new elements into the Candyman mythos. It's a damn entertaining script, and we have a sneaking suspicion DaCosta's gonna knock it outta the park. Fingers crossed!

We'll have more on Candyman later this week (the first trailer drops on Thursday). Until then, enjoy the poster above, and do avoid all the mirrors in your home for the remainder of the day. Y'know, just to be safe.