Please Enjoy Even More Behind The Scenes Footage From NO TIME TO DIE

Cary Joji Fukunaga talks us through the stakes.

You may remember the behind the scenes footage from last June which was our first glimpse at what the film we now know as No Time To Die dropped, and we hoped this sort of thing might continue throughout the production. In the event we've had to wait for a second instalment until just over a month before the movie reaches audiences, and while it's sizzle reel of the kind you might expect to find tucked into the Special Features section of a DVD, concentrating on shots we've already seen in the trailer and TV spots, there's some interesting stuff to dig into.

Check it out:

Firstly: Safin has hands! This feels like a deliberate rebuff to the "Safin is Dr. No" crowd, and just underlines the fact we know next to nothing about this movie.

Unusual as it is for a director to give us this kind of commentary outside of a press conference, Fukunaga's voiceover is doing the job of establishing his bona fides as a Bond fan and hyping up just how much the movie's going to lean on the history of the franchise, while upping the stakes by promising a bigger bad than SPECTRE.

Then there are all those shots showing off the location shooting of practical action: no CGI here! In line with that continuity of tradition, that sounds very much like our first listen to Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr's new James Bond theme, not reinventing the wheel but coming across big and loud. All in all, it's a confident package that keeps the No Time To Die train on a roll that has seen Billie Eilish's theme song take the Number 1 spot in the UK's Official Singles Chart.

We're still waiting for tickets to go on sale, along with confirmation of how long the film will end up running: nothing solid has turned up yet regarding the running time, although its PG-13 rating in the US has been confirmed. On the wilder side, there's an as-yet unconfirmed rumor doing the rounds that there will be a post-converted 3D release of the film, which would be a first for a Bond movie…

More will become clear soon, and advance tickets are expected to go on sale (in the UK at least) this week, around which time we may well see a second trailer. Rest assured we'll keep you up to date as the last few weeks of No Time To Die marketing play out.

Over to you: digging the new video? Spotted any more cool details? Hankering to see some 3D Bond action? Sound off in the comments below.

As of this writing, No Time To Die will be released globally from April 2nd 2020 in the UK and April 10th 2020 in the USA.

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