Bad Robot Has A Mysterious New Project Called THE PINKERTON

This one sounds very intriguing, indeed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, JJ Abrams' Bad Robot has settled on its first original film project since signing a sprawling new deal with Warner Bros. towards the end of last year: The Pinkerton, a "supernatural revenge thriller" from screenwriter Daniel Casey (co-writer on the next Fast & Furious movie, the official title of which could be just about anything by now).

Here's how THR's describing the film:

"The logline details are being kept behind the silver badge but the project has been described as a supernatural revenge thriller in what sources say is a Western setting. Pinkertons were the name of the detectives from the agency that got its start in the mid-1800s, becoming famous for acting as security for President Abraham Lincoln and working for corporations during America’s industrial age."

Those of you hoping for a feature-length musical based on Weezer's divisive second album are surely disappointed right now. But cheer up! A supernatural revenge thriller revolving around the Pinkertons, particularly in a western setting, sounds very intriguing to us. Obviously, we will modulate that excitement depending on who's starring in and, ahem, directing the film, but based solely on the above: we're curious to learn more! 

You are, of course, free to speculate as to whether or not this is a secret Cloverfield movie via the comments below, but do be aware that the Cloverfield films were distributed by Paramount, whereas The Pinkerton is (once again) being produced as part of Bad Robot's deal with WB. We're not sure what, if any, wiggle room Bad Robot has on future Cloverfield movies - or, indeed, if they're even interested in keeping that franchise going! - but that's what comments sections are for: reckless and only casually-informed speculation. 

Please do so now, and stay tuned for more on The Pinkerton as further updates become available.