Here’s Our First Look At THE BATMAN’s Batmobile

Hey, Batman - nice ride!

Here's a fun thing, via Matt Reeves' Twitter feed: our first look at The Batman's Batmobile!

Yes, just a few weeks after offering us our first look at star Robert Pattinson in Batman's fancy new Batsuit, Matt Reeves is now offering us our first look at The Batman's Batmobile. It looks pretty snazzy! Let's get a closer look at those pics...

As you can see, that's the Batmobile on the left, Robert Pattinson's Batman lurking on the right, moody lighting everywhere.

Here's a shot from the back. No idea what any of that shit does, but it sure looks cool!

And, finally, a profile shot - the same one you saw at the top of this page.

This Batmobile is obviously quite a bit different from Batman V Superman's ride or the Nolan trilogy's Tumbler, but we're absolutely digging the muscle car look. Any of you folks car experts? Got any details for us on what sort of ride ol' Bats has souped up here? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Matt Reeves' The Batman as further updates roll in.