Amazon Is Bringing Back THE KIDS IN THE HALL

Is this the best news we've heard all week? Quite possibly.

Here's a story so exciting that I'm going to have trouble concentrating long enough to write it up: according to Variety, Amazon is reviving the beloved '90s sketch comedy series, The Kids in The Hall, and they're bringing back the entire main cast. Everyone. Scott Thompson. Bruce McCulloch. Dave Foley. Mark McKinney. Kevin McDonald. The whole gang's coming back with an eight-episode order, and they'll be bringing a number of classic Kids in The Hall characters with them.

I'm not sure if some of our younger readers are familiar with The Kids in The Hall. The BMD staff, most of whom are Of A Certain Age and all of whom are hardcore comedy nerds, consider the KITH crew to be among the best sketch comedy troupes of all time. If the UK had Monty Python and America had Mr. Show, Canada had The Kids in The Hall, and thank Christ that Comedy Central made that shit available to us in the '90s. Over the course of 100+ episodes, this unruly collection of hilarious Canadians introduced an entire generation to a parade of iconic characters (Man-Servant Hecubus, Gavin, the Chicken Lady, Buddy Cole, the "Head Crusher"), pulled off material that no one else came close to touching at the time, and left a legacy that still allows them to tour decades later. I've seen 'em a few times; they're still great together.

There's no word on when we'll actually get to see the new Kids in The Hall, but you can bet your ass we'll be monitoring this situation closely for whatever developments may arise, and will have those updates in front of you just as soon as they land on our radar. We are profoundly excited about this! Please celebrate along with us in the comments below, perhaps by posting your favorite KITH sketches. There are many to choose from, but here's one of my favorites, "Sausages", a pre-taped segment that (I shit you not) invokes the work of David Lynch while also being hysterically funny: