RIP Max Von Sydow (1929-2020)

We lost another legend today.

Sad news this morning, folks: living legend Max von Sydow has passed away at the age of 90. 

I'm certain von Sydow needs no introduction to the BMD crowd, but let's take a moment to appreciate how insanely prolific the man was. Max von Sydow's career ran the length of six and half decades (with over 160 acting credits listed on his IMDb page), with him appearing in some of the most iconic films of all time (The Exorcist, The Seventh Seal, Flash Gordon) and working under some of the best directors who ever lived (Bergman, Spielberg, Scorsese). He took on roles in tiny indies, big studio blockbusters, TV shows - you name it. Hell, von Sydow even did a Stephen King adaptation at one point (1992's Needful Things, of which von Sydow is easily the best part). The man was a reliable, powerful screen presence for literal decades and never once turned in a half-assed performance. When we talk about legends, we're talking about folks like Max von Sydow. 

It's always sad when the world loses a legend, and today's no different. RIP, Max von Sydow, and thank you for everything you gave us.