The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Appear In THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER

Vin Diesel said so.

With Natalie Portman back on deck (and wielding Mjolnir), Christian Bale (very likely) playing the villain, and Taika Waititi in the director's chair, we were already pretty damn excited for Thor: Love and Thunder. Jane Foster as Thor? It can't get much cooler than that – unless you talk to Vin Diesel, as ComicBook's First Printing did while the actor was promoting Bloodshot (in theaters this weekend!). During their chat, Diesel dropped some interesting news about the upcoming Thor sequel:

First and foremost, Vin Diesel – the authority for all breaking Vin Diesel news – reveals that the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. That's not a huge surprise, given that the crossover was meant to happen in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and with characters from both franchises hopping through various realms and galaxies, it was only.a matter of time before they teamed up. 

Diesel also offered an update on the ongoing evolution of Groot, who was forced to start over as a tiny sapling at the end of the first Guardians movie. In the second film, we saw Teen Groot, who was hilariously moody (and very relatable), and according to Diesel, when we see Groot again he will have evolved even more – this time into something called "Alpha Groot." While the actor didn't offer any additional details, it's safe to assume that this new Groot is probably going to be ripped as hell much to the shame and indignation of his male peers.