Yes, Our JAMES BOND Commemorative Issue Of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Magazine Is Still On Sale

A little reading material for your quarantine.

Things are getting a little crazy out there, and I hope everyone stays safe. As I’m sure you know, last week the final James Bond film of the Daniel Craig era, No Time To Die, was moved from an April release all the way to November, when everyone expects the world to have calmed down a bit. That or we’re all just used to it enough to go see movies again.

Fair enough. But the film was pulled after tickets went on sale, which made things a bit complicated here at BMD as we’ve been slaving away at our very exciting James Bond commemorative magazine issue to be released with the new film. Well, the film may have moved, but the magazine remains steadfast in its April release. If you ordered a copy upon its announcement, don’t worry. You’ll still have your issue to help spend the long gulf of time between now and November. Plenty of time to rewatch the series, actually!

Unfortunately, if you ordered your magazine as a ticket add-on, that order will be canceled and refunded. But you can still visit Mondo and order an independent copy.

And why would you want to do that? Because this magazine kicks ass, that’s why. Aside from the great Chris Bilheimer cover art, you’ll find a wealth of great James Bond articles:

  • We go deep on every Bond. Yes, even Brosnan. Not to mention fake Bonds, weird Bonds and audiobook Bonds.
  • All those Blofelds.
  • All them Moneypennys.
  • Bond videogames.
  • An inventory of all the ordinary household objects Bond needs to watch out for.
  • Phil Nobile Jr. returns to let us know why there is no such thing as a bad Bond movie.
  • A ranking of the Roger Moore films that is sure to anger just about everyone.
  • A super fun and nerdy Bond talk with the James Bonding podcast's Matt Gourley.

And that’s not even the half of it (though it is pretty close to about half of it, all told). Get your magazine today!