A QUIET PLACE PART II’s Release On Hold Due To Coronavirus

There goes another one.

So far, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shut down SXSW, CinemaCon, E3 and a number of other highly-attended industry events, but now we seem to be entering a new phase, one where film releases are getting bumped around thanks to concerns about people gathering in movie theaters. Last week, the latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, was delayed seven months, all the way into November, and today we're seeing another film pulling up stakes: John Krasinski's A Quiet Place Part II.

As reported by Variety (and confirmed by a post made to Krasinski's various social media accounts), Paramount has canceled A Quiet Place Part II's worldwide release, which was set to roll out internationally on March 18th (with the film opening March 20th in the States), and will be holding it until...well, we're not entirely sure!. It's just on indefinite hold.

Says Krasinski:



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It seems likely, given all the information in front of us, that this won't be the last film to move its release date thanks to ongoing coronavirus concerns. We'll keep you updated on anything else that gets bumped. In the meantime, make sure you're washing your hands as much as possible, don't take any unnecessary risks, and do keep your fingers crossed that this whole thing gets under control sooner rather than later.

A Quiet Place Part II will hopefully arrive sometime later this year.