Optimism Wins! The New SCREAM Movie Hires Directors

There might not be any theaters left open to see it, but we'll worry about that then.

While the world burns, it's been a pretty fantastic month for Tyler Gillett. First, he was able to solve an old mystery about a catchy '90s pop tune thanks to the Reply All podcast (seriously, listen to this episode. It is an INCREDIBLY entertaining story whether you care about the song or not), and now he's been entrusted along with his filmmaking partners Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Chad Villela (collectively known as Radio Silence) with the keys to Woodsboro. That's right - the team who gave us last year's terrifically entertaining Ready or Not will be bringing us a 5th Scream film from Spyglass Entertainment, who picked up the rights to the brand at the Weinstein Company's bankruptcy sale. It will be the first film in the series to be directed by someone other than Wes Craven, who passed away in 2015, with Scream 4 being his final film.

As always with breaking news, there is very little here to fill up an entire article. When will it be out? No date yet. Is it "Scream 5", or a total relaunch? We don't know. If it is a sequel, will any cast members return? No idea. Will it involve either of the storylines from MTV's not-great but fairly decent TV show, which had no relation to the films? That's unclear too but we can probably guess that's a "no". All we know is that, per Bloody-Disgusting, Kevin Williamson will remain on board as an executive producer, where he will hopefully "executive produce" a restraining order that keeps Ehren Kruger at least 100 yards away from the production at all times.

We also know that someone in the comments will probably start defending Scream 3, even the scenes that don't have Parker Posey (the film's sole positive contribution to the franchise). So I humbly ask you to follow my lead and ignore such comments. I know we're all probably holed up in our homes or offices and need things to get us through the day, but we need to exhaust all possible options before trying to talk sense into the people who have defended Roman goddamn Bridger for 20 years. You're better off outside.