We’re Just Giving Away An Awesome Set Of TWIN PEAKS Posters

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You there! Yes, you!

Did you know that Birth.Movies.Death. has its own weekly newsletter? Did you know that, every Friday, your friendly neighborhood BMD News Editor (me, not actually friendly) cobbles together the best BMD links of the week, organizes them into said newsletter, and then sends them out to an ever-expanding group of subscribers? Did you know that I do this every week, rain or shine, and that sometimes I have a tremendous amount of trouble coming up with a clever subject line for the email? It's true. All of it.

We've been issuing the BMD Newsletter for just over a year now, and in that time we've grown our subscriber base to several thousand die-hard BMD readers...but we wish our reach went even further (we won't stop until we have achieved complete worldwide domination). As such, we like to roll out a giveaway from time to time to entice folks to sign up, and what better time than now? It's been a few months since we did one of these! 

Which brings us today, and this excellent Twin Peaks poster set by the great Greg Ruth, for Mondo.

Pretty great, right? You'd like to have those on your wall, right?

Well, I have good news for you: starting right now and until 12PM CST on Monday, March16th, if you sign up for the BMD Newsletter you'll be entered to win that poster. Signing up for the BMD Newsletter is as easy as entering your email address into that little widget on the right-hand side of your screen. Do that, and (in addition to being entered to win that awesome screenprint) you'll receive an email from Team BMD every Friday, filled with can't-miss reading material and the best trailers the internet has to offer. 

On Monday at noon I will reach out to the winner of our latest giveaway, obtain your shipping address, and pass that along to our friends over at Mondo. They'll get you sorted from there. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so, too. Go ahead and smash that subscribe button (er, enter your email address in the widget) and cross your fingers - and good luck to everyone who enters!