PSA: Donald Glover Is Streaming Brand New Music On His Website

"Why Gambino, why young guy? Why so generous?"

While we're holed up in our bunkers avoiding COVID-19 and not going to the movies, we have to look for alternative ways to pass the time. With all his talents, Donald Glover (or Childish Gambino or mcDJ or whatever you want to call him) was never gonna sit back and let boredom wipe us out during this pandemic. The actor-writer-rapper-singer has shared a website,, which is streaming a slew of songs--most of them new--on infinite loop. The design of the site seems to feature a rough sketch of some album art, which suggests a new album from Glover is imminent.

A lot remains to be announced, like the title of the supposed new album/mixtape (which fans have nicknamed Donald Glover Presents for shorthand), and the titles and credits for each of the stream's new tracks. Aside from "Feels Like Summer", which was previously released as a single in 2018, the stream features brand new songs which follow in the funk/neo-soul footsteps of Glover's last LP, Awaken, My Love. But unlike that album, these new songs also feature Glover rapping quite frequently, albeit not with the same flow as his pre-Awaken days; he's doing more in the vein of his mumble rap verses from "This Is America." (Note: don't take my impressions of this album as gospel, because I've only had a chance to listen to the full stream twice and without any replay or track selection privileges.)

21 Savage and Ariana Grande have features on the approximately 56 minute stream. No one knows when the album will be officially released and available on popular streaming platforms, but for now anyone can listen to the songs on Glover's website for free. What more do you want? A studio recorded version of "Human Sacrifice"? Atlanta Season 3? We all want Atlanta Season 3, but this will do.