BOSCH Is Back And Making The Chief Angry In New Season 6 Trailer

Lemme tell you about this guy, Bosch…

Shit-for-brains, condescending Fed who is just getting in the way: “May sure you stay in your lane.”

Greatest cop who ever lived, Harry Bosch: “My lane… has no lines.”

This is exchange, which you can witness for yourself in the trailer below, is basically Bosch in a nutshell. The Amazon series, which follows the events of Michael Connelly’s book series - and takes place in the same universe as The Lincoln Lawyer, he and Bosch are half-brothers! - is like Cop Show Prime. The series not only utilizes ever cop cliche you have ever heard, it does so with a gleeful abandon. There is no twist to Bosch, no post-modern touches or cute winks. It’s just a solid delivery system of stupid cop bullshit and I love it.

It doesn’t seem like season five came out all that long ago, which is why this new trailer for season six caught me by surprise today. Turns out, we’re actually right on time for an annual dosage of Bosch. If you’re interested, check out the trailer below.

When you watch Bosch, you don’t exactly remember it very well. That's part of its generic beauty. I know last season he went undercover for a bit and threw a dude out of an airplane. Each season starts with a murder Bosch has to get into, meanwhile the rest of his department goes on little adventures of their own, which is great because the show’s support cast is top notch. All your favorite actors from The Wire who didn’t go on to bigger things? They are all on Bosch

Bosch season six hits mid-April, which might be when things finally start getting figured out regarding the current pandemic. Coincidence? Who can say for sure?