Now BLACK WIDOW’s Been Pulled From Disney’s Release Schedule

Well. We guess this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Ever since Disney puled Mulan, Antlers and The New Mutants from its release schedule, all eyes have been on Cate Shortland's Black Widow, which has long been scheduled to hit theaters on May 1st. Given the seriousness of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (and the likelihood that its impact will extend far beyond the month of April), it seemed all but guaranteed that Shortland's film wouldn't make that release date. 

Today, the inevitable has been confirmed. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has removed Black Widow from its release schedule. A new release date has not been established, but with most movie theaters in the United States shutting their doors and no real idea when they might reopen (note: AMC is predicting a "six to twelve week" closure; do with that information what you will), it's unlikely it'll be on screens any time soon.

Which, of course, raises the question: might we see Black Widow rolled out through Disney+, the studio's (relatively) newly-launched streaming platform? There's been quite a bit of debate about that over the last few weeks, with compelling arguments both for and against the idea. We have no idea if that's how things might shake out, but given how fluid this situation is and how truly unpredictable everything's become, we're not ruling out anything.

Stay tuned for further Black Widow updates as they roll in.