BLACK WIDOW Takes This Opportunity To Completely Replace Its Composer

Coronavirus hits in many different ways.

In an alternate universe, BLACK WIDOW would be coming out in exactly one month. Unfortunately we live in this universe and BLACK WIDOW doesn’t even have a release date. What the heck, it could come out tomorrow. Or maybe they will pretend there never was a BLACK WIDOW and agents will stalk David Harbour to make sure he plays along with coverup.

But while BLACK WIDOW languishes in limbo, that doesn’t mean shit can’t still get done on the film. For instance, jettisoning composer Alexandre Desplat for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT composer Lorne Balfe.

Now, it’s possible this was going to happen regardless of BLACK WIDOW’s release date woes. Late in the game composer changes have been known to happen. I believe THE INVISIBLE MAN went through something similar earlier this year. But it is very tempting to see this as an opportunity for course correction afforded by BLACK WIDOW’s release date change. Which makes one wonder about BLACK WIDOW’s tone and if they are making any other late changes to the film. We do this not because we are logical or sane, but because our minds have turned to mush and any entertainment helps, even if you have to invent your own.

As for the rest of BLACK WIDOW’s fate, we’ll just have to see what happens in the future. I am very excited to see these films get their new release dates.

(via /Film)