Edgar Wright Sets Up Sad Robot Film SET MY HEART TO FIVE

But first, don’t forget about LAST NIGHT IN SOHO.

One 2020 film that hasn’t been moved into 2021 yet is Edgar Wright’s LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy and is supposed to be a psychological thriller of some sort. Right now, SOHO still has a September 25 release date. I’m knocking on wood here, but September 25 seems kind of safe, right? Unless it gets moved to make room for a film that was pushed or something, I am holding onto hope that this remains the case and we all get to see Edgar Wright break into a new genre this year.

But this post is about the far future and Wright’s next film after SOHO. According to Deadline, the film will be SET MY HEART TO FIVE, about a humanoid robot who watches a film and is so moved that it decides to become a screenwriter. It sound like the robot saw CLERKS.

Maybe it’s not a sad robot film like I described in the headline. I am getting strong sad robot vibes from SET MY HEART TO FIVE’s description, however. I’m always happy to be wrong, and hey, sad robots don’t have to be a bad thing. A sad robot falling in love with cinema is probably going to be very relatable.

Wright’s not writing, by the way. That will fall to Simon Stephenson, who is adapting his novel, which isn’t even out yet.

So there you go. I have faith in Edgar Wright whatever he does, and look forward to seeing just what he does with this. Plus, looking forward to it gives me hope that we even have a future, so that’s not nothing.