PENINSULA (Kinda Sequel To TRAIN TO BUSAN) Gets A Wild, Wild Trailer

This is not what I expected.

So you’re going to make a sequel to the highly popular TRAIN TO BUSAN. The problem is, that film had a high body count for its protagonists. There isn’t really a story to follow, so what do you do?

It turns out, if you’re director Yeon Sang Ho, you go all out on spectacle and offer audiences a zombie apocalypse action extravaganza. The first trailer for PENINSULA is here and it’s a lot:

That’s a lot of insanity, way more than I was expecting. It’s definitely enough to give this its own identity separate from BUSAN. And also it has a zombie fighting gladiator pit, so I really have no choice but to already be super excited to see this.

All we know in terms of a release date is that PENINSULA is coming soon. Probably not very soon, though.