TOP GUN: MAVERICK Is Now A Christmas Movie

That Maverick, he just can’t sit still.

You probably saw this coming. It was really just a matter of time. The long caravan of films abandoning summer release dates started reaching into July already, so TOP GUN: MAVERICK was bound to get moved as well.

According to Variety, Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel will now be a solid Christmas film. Its new release date is December 23. So while we are all freezing our asses off, we will be able to visit the theater and watch sweaty men play volleyball in the sun. They might fly some planes too. That means you’re closer to the sun and even hotter!

I’m not big on this movie, but I know a lot of folks are curious about it. Maybe December is actually a better time for it, anyway. It’s going to give DUNE some competition, but I’m also wondering if DUNE won’t move as well. If its post-production stuff is getting super delayed that could keep it from a December release even if life as we know it has returned to normal by then.