Even David Lowery Doesn’t Know When Or How We’ll See THE GREEN KNIGHT

Maybe sooner, maybe later. Maybe at home, maybe in a theater. Who can say?

Before all this COVID-19 business began, David Lowery's THE GREEN KNIGHT was one of our most highly-anticipated films of the year. A bonkers adaptation of the 14th-century Arthurian legend, Lowery's film had a strong cast (including Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Sean Harris), a number of stunning practical FX (including the titular Knight!), and the A24 seal of approval. Of course we were hyped! Then 2020 got in the way.

Today brings us...well, not a complete update, but an update of sorts. In a new interview with The A24 Project Podcast (as quoted by our pals at The Playlist), Lowery offers the following update regarding THE GREEN KNIGHT's release date:

“No one knows. That’s the case with everything at the moment. No one knows anything. All I can say is that at some point audiences will see it. And they’ll see it in the best way possible, given the circumstances. Hopefully, that’s in theaters. Hopefully, theaters survive. I’m a big-time defender of the theatrical experience, and one of the things I love about A24 is that they are, as well. If I were just an audience member and I’ve been stuck at home for six months and I wanted to see a new movie, I’d rather see it at home than not see it at all. So I’m confident that it’ll be seen soon, but ‘soon’ is variable."

Of course we all want to see THE GREEN KNIGHT on the big screen, but Lowery's right: if given the option between not seeing the film for another God-knows-how-many months or seeing it right now in the comfort of my own living room, I'd absolutely shell out $20 for the privilege. Not sure how the rest of you feel, but I'm running out of old TV shows to binge-watch. And lord knows I'm not gonna watch BOSCH.

By the way: back in late February, I had a chance to sit down with Lowery and discuss THE GREEN KNIGHT, in an interview that was intended to run in the Summer 2020 edition of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Magazine. That Magazine, uh, no longer exists, but that interview remains very much alive, safely tucked away in a dark corner of my phone. We'll likely run that conversation once THE GREEN KNIGHT's future becomes a bit more certain, and I think y'all will be interested to hear some of what Lowery had to say (the film's use of practical FX are particularly interesting, as is the unexpected influence MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL had on Lowery's vision). Stay tuned for that interview, and for further updates regarding THE GREEN KNIGHT as they roll in.  

Oh, and while you're waiting: here's that kick-ass trailer again.