Nicolas Cage As Joe Exotic In Some Kind Of TIGER KING Show From AMERICAN VANDAL’s Dan Lagana

Seems lazy but will probably be extremely popular.

There’s word out there on the Twitter feed from COLLIDER’s Jeff Sneider. And that word is weird. I’ll just leave that word right here:

And then VARIETY ran it as an actual news item.

We’ve all been having a lot of fun fan casting whatever inevitable TIGER KING bullshit the world is going to throw at us. I saw a lot of names get thrown around for Joe Exotic. I don’t remember any of them being Nicolas Cage. If I’m guessing why, I’d have to say it’s because one wild persona does not necessarily call to mind the other. There’s room in the world for non-mixable forms of flamboyant.

Nicolas Cage can do a lot of stuff. I don’t mean that in a typical silly way either; I think he’s a great actor who I can see committing to a dumb Joe Exotic voice. But this casting is inspired by internet brain, not who would be the best person for the part. From that angle, I suppose this non-sense makes sense.

What they should really do is wait for Exotic to get out of prison and cast him as Nicolas Cage in some sort of biopic of HIS life. Now we’re talking memes.

As for this show, it’s going to be an 8-episode jam on some form of CBS and it comes from AMERICAN VANDAL showrunner, Dan Lagana, which automatically gives it some pedigree. And despite my grumpiness above, I will watch the shit out of it, are you kidding?