Taika Waititi Is Getting His Own STAR WARS Movie

Yes, this will do nicely.

Stand by for an important announcement from the official STAR WARS Twitter handle:

Yes, you read that correctly - Taika Waititi, fresh off an Oscar win for his JOJO RABBIT screenplay, has been hired to co-write (with 1917's Krysty Wilson-Cairns, also the screenwriter on Edgar Wright's forthcoming LAST NIGHT IN SOHO) and direct his very own STAR WARS movie.

Now, this being a STAR WARS project, it's unlikely we'll have any firm details about the plot, characters, setting and/or time period during which Waititi's STAR WARS film will take place, but that's fine. All of that can come later. For now, let's just celebrate the fact that one of our more spirited, talented working filmmakers has been given the chance to deliver a brand-new STAR WARS film. Assuming Disney does not panic and fire Waititi at some point between now and that film's arrival in theaters, we imagine it'll be pretty good! 

Reminder: Today is May the 4th, which means there's likely to be all manner of STAR WARS shit happening today. Don't be surprised if this ain't the first STAR WARS-related bombshell to drop this afternoon.