Louis Leterrier + BRIGHT 2 = Perfection In An Imperfect World

Sure, go for it.

Louis Leterrier, director of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, the first two TRANSPORTER films and the CLASH OF THE TITANS remake, is a textbook okay director. He makes for a good symbol of 2000s cinematic blandness, and almost any time he comes up I have to reacquaint myself with his filmography because I’ve accidentally confused him with Len Wiseman. Len Wiseman, shit sorry, Louis Leterrier can do whatever he wants, and I’ll take a real live and let live approach to it. So far, he hasn’t messed up anything I care too strongly about. (Side-eyes Len Wiseman’s LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.)

That streak continues with news that Leterrier is making a deal to direct Netflix’s sequel to BRIGHT. I’m sure you remember BRIGHT. It’s the David Ayer film where Will Smith and an orc played by Joel Edgerton take on a dark elf or something. Netflix made it their first foray into “fake it till you make it” major movie studio bona fides. According to metrics no one can verify, it was a huge success. It was also awful when it should have been, well maybe not great, but at least a lot of stupid fun.

Former exciting weirdo David Ayer will not be coming back for BRIGHT 2, so Netflix is going with a pseudo-exciting Frenchman instead, though with a script that will supposedly have some Ayer input. That’s fine. I think we can all safely assume there was never any hope for BRIGHT 2 in the first place. Now it’s just confirmed. BRIGHT 2 will be a thing with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton that will comes and goes in a day. We won’t have to see a million trailers for it; the film won’t be in our face hardly at all. It’ll just disappear until we hear Netflix brag about how many millions of people watched it. We’ll never meet any of these people or hear them talk about their BRIGHT 2 experience, but its success will be a fact nevertheless. And then BRIGHT 2 will run for president, and win.