Netflix Buys David Ayer A Very David Ayer Novel To Adapt

This is going to be good. Well, very bad, but in a good way.

I lament the days when a David Ayer movie meant a lot of dudes averring their hyper masculinity to ridiculous levels. Whether in a cop drama (END OF WATCH), an action horror hybrid (SABOTAGE) or a prestige war film (FURY), Ayer always wanted me to know how tough he was, and I thanked him for it.

Those days seem to have ended. There just wasn’t much of that stuff in the cut of SUICIDE SQUAD we saw, and BRIGHT didn’t have much of it either. The Ayer I knew and loved appeared to be little more than a memory of better times.

But maybe he’s coming back. According to Deadline, Netflix just purchased a Harlan Coben book called SIX YEARS for Ayer to adapt and direct. The synopsis Deadline provided is choice:

The title refers to the number of years that passed since Jake Fisher watched Natalie, the love of his life, marry another man. With a heart broken, he throws himself into his career as a college professor, while keeping a promise to leave her alone while he simmers in a slow building rage. His hopes rise when he reads that her husband died.

Read that and tell me it doesn't sound like George Costanza. But of course Ayer is going to make sure it’s about some badass. Who also has the brain of George Costanza.

Apparently the guy goes to the funeral (absolute maniac behavior) and discovers his ex is not his ex. So he must go on a mission to find her. She’s either taking him back or dead.

Well, I am going to watch this. Sorry, I can’t help it. In the meantime, Ayer has THE TAX COLLECTOR coming, which stars Shia LaBeouf looking like this:

So the future seems bleak, but there’s always a ray of sunshine if you know where to look.