And For His Next Trick, Mike Flanagan Will Adapt Stephen King’s REVIVAL

In which the modern master of the King adaptation claims another title.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mike Flanagan has signed on to write (with an option to direct) an adaptation of Stephen King's 2014 novel REVIVAL for Warner Bros. He'll be joined in this endeavor by producer Trevor Macy, who also produced Flanagan's last King adaptation, DOCTOR SLEEP. 

For those keeping score at home, that brings Flanagan's total number of King adaptations to three, following DOCTOR SLEEP and 2017's GERALD'S GAME. Two back-to-back King adaptations, it must be said, that absolutely should not have worked as well as they did onscreen. Flanagan's talent for turning questionable King properties into certified gold has earned him legendary status among the BMD team, and we're hyped to hear he's got another one in the hopper.

So, what's REVIVAL about? THR's describes the plot thusly:

"The novel focused on the relationship between a heroin-addicted musician and a dubious faith healer with a hidden agenda. The minister is obsessed with trying to find a way to communicate with his departed wife and child but ends up connecting to a Lovecraftian horror."

I never quite got around to REVIVAL (it's among a stack of King titles I've neglected to read over the past decade or so, along with the entire Bill Hodges trilogy), but - in a darkly funny coincidence - I had the novel's ending completely spoiled for me just last week while researching something tangentially-related to the book. What I heard got me very motivated to finally read REVIVAL, and now I'm excited to see how Flanagan plans to translate that crazy ending to the big screen (assuming he directs, of course). That oughtta be some wild shit.

Anyhow, nothing further to report at this time, but we're very excited about this one and will keep you informed as further updates roll in. Stay tuned.