PSA: The Excellent COLOR OUT OF SPACE Score Is Now Available On Vinyl

Get your pre-orders in now, folks.

We are, as you may have noticed by now, gigantic fans of Richard Stanley's COLOR OUT OF SPACE (if you haven't seen it already, get thee to Amazon Prime via the link I've helpfully embedded at the bottom of this page). On virtually every level, Stanley's long-awaited return to feature filmmaking delivered, from the performances to the film's gnarly practical FX to Colin Stetson's hypnotic, creepy score. 

For a while now, fans have been wondering when they might be able to pick that score up on vinyl, and today brings us a very exciting update: the good folks at Waxwork Records (working in partnership with Milan Records) have finally made it happen. You can pre-order it via their website even as we speak, and have it spinning on your turntable sometime this summer.

Let's take a look...

Says Waxwork Records:

"In partnership with Milan Records, Waxwork Records is proud to announce the deluxe soundtrack vinyl release to COLOR OUT OF SPACE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, song writer and composer Colin Stetson!

...the complete soundtrack by Stetson [is] pressed to 180 gram "Cosmic Magenta" swirled vinyl, housed within a heavyweight printed inner sleeve inserted into an old-style tip-on jacket with film laminate gloss coating, and new art by Matt Taylor."

Folks, this is a gorgeous set.

Here's what Stetson has to say for himself:

"The question posed initially when conceiving of this score was what exactly is the sonic representation of a cosmic alien color that does not exist in this terrestrial reality? I began trying to answer that by layering the sounds of coral reefs, processing that cacophony and finding the order revealed through harmonic generation of these hyperdensities, and then continued to chase that same concept of 'transfiguring the natural' down every path and application I could see.  Turns out it's somewhere between magenta and hot pink"

I threw down my $28 ($34 after shipping, but who's counting?) the second this news crossed my Twitter feed. And now, on the off chance that you, too, would like to own one of the best horror scores we've heard lately, I pass this information along to you. Do with it what you will, and do stay tuned for more on what's happening in Richard Stanley's corner of the world in the months ahead. That dude's hard at work on the next installment in his Spectrevision/Lovecraft trilogy, and we suspect it's gonna be a barnburner.