Temuera Morrison & Boba Fett Return To STAR WARS

Thank THE MANDALORIAN season two, where all STAR WARS fan dreams come true.

So THE MANDALORIAN season two already has major STAR WARS nerd cred coming its way by finally bring us a live-action Ahsoka Tano. But it looks like making dreams like this come true might be the show’s whole deal.

According to THR, Temuera Morrison will briefly join the show as Boba Fett. As we all know, Fett died when he whoopsed his way into the belly of a sand vagina in RETURN OF THE JEDI. But he got better. I don’t exactly know how he got better now since the book in which he got better has been stricken from the canon (or has it?), but life in STAR WARS, and I mean especially in STAR WARS, finds a way.

Morrison is basically returning to the role. He played Jango Fett, which means he played all the Clones, which means he should play who lil Boba Fett grows up to become. Will he just be a voice actor in this? Who can say? Will he be good, bad, something in-between? I do not know, I haven’t seen it yet. All we really know is he won’t be in it much, which is in keeping with his character. What really has me excited by Morrison's involvement is the notion that maybe we'll see other Clones as well. Like, say, Rex. With Ahsoka on board, shit would be wild.

THE MANDALORIAN season two hits Disney+ in October, so we won’t have to wait all that long to find out. I know October sounds very far away, but trust me, it’ll be here before you know it.