Live-Action Bo-Katan Boards The MANDALORIAN In The Form Of Katee Sackhoff

Look, are they going to bring Chopper into this thing or what?

So Ahsoka Tano and Boba Fett (which very likely indicates Rex the Clone) will appear in THE MANDALORIAN season two. Already, this thing is looking to fully embrace the CLONE WARS/REBELS elements teased in season one. That is super great news because those cartoons are about as good as STAR WARS ever got, it’ll be cool to see favorite characters in live-action (unless it ends up being really not-cool), and it indicates the season may have a more concentrated A-story overall, which would be welcome even if I did kind of enjoy the BONANZA in space thing going on in season one.

Today brings another animated character into the live-action realm with news that Katee Saathoff, sorry Sackhoff, will take on the role of Bo-Katan Crazy, sorry Kryze. This all makes sense as Bo-Katan has a lot of history with Tano and is, you know, one of the universe’s highest profile folks from Mandalore. Also, she’s not dead, which helps.

I can’t help but get pumped about all this. Bo-Katan by herself is not a super exciting character, but all these folks, mixed with the Dark Saber appearance at the end of season one, really makes me think Dave Filoni is swinging for the fences here and bringing his excellent STAR WARS lore to the eyes of more people. Which, if we’re getting super optimistic here, could lead to Filoni taking his rightful place as the person in charge of STARS WARS future narratives, which I would prefer to Kevin Feige or Jon Favreau or whoever else.

We’ll get an idea of how this is going to go soon as the new season hits Disney+ in October. I honestly can’t wait.