The HAMILTON Movie Is Coming Waaaaay Early

Just you wait (much less time than expected).

Way back in February, so about ten years ago now, it came out that Disney purchased a recording of HAMILTON with the original cast for $75 million dollars. The plan was for this filmed musical thing to hit theaters like a year and a half later, October 15, 2021.

Well, that is very much not what is happening now. Instead, they are going to push that right out onto Disney+ on July 3. Apparently, Disney knows I’ve been having a hard time and wanted to cheer me up on the day before my birthday. Thanks, Disney. It’s kind of like a gift from grandma though because I’m not all that big on HAMILTON anymore.

You have to marvel at what a huge change of plans this is. A theatrical release, now to streaming. Over a year away, eh, just watch it in a couple of months. Everything is topsy-turvy, changing willy-nilly, zip zap zop.

Maybe I’ll watch this when I fire my subscription back up for MANDALORIAN season two or something else of that magnitude. I did really like the musical once, like five years ago when I was a wee boy. It might be worth scrubbing through to finally see how some of the scenes were staged.

What about you, has HAMILTON suddenly become the centerpiece of your 4th of July weekend?