You, Too, Can Risk Death By Seeing Russell Crowe’s UNHINGED In Theaters This July

Pandemic, schmandemic.

Earlier today, Variety announced that Solstice Studios would make UNHINGED, a new thriller starring Russell Crowe, "the first wide release film to debut in U.S. theaters when and if exhibition chains re-open in July."

Obviously, the "if" part of that statement is doing quite a bit of heavy lifting: as of this writing, the bodycount from the ongoing COVID-19 continues to rise, with over 80,000 deaths in the United States alone and any hope for a vaccine many months into our future. With some states relaxing their shelter-in-place orders (and with an unfortunate number of folks choosing to protest those orders in states where they have not been relaxed), it seems ... questionable at best that any "wide release" will be possible within the next two months (and if it does happen, it probably won't include Los Angeles, which revealed today that it expected to extend current shelter-in-place orders for the next three months).

So, will UNHINGED actually hit theaters on July 1st? There's simply no telling. There's also no telling what "wide release" even means in this context, as literally no one can tell you how many movie theaters will even be up and running by the time July 1st rolls around (For the past several weeks, the theatrical conversation has revolved around whether or not Christopher Nolan's TENET would hit theaters even further into the month, on July 17th). 

But, yes, if exhibition chains re-open, and if they're open in time for UNHINGED's planned opening, this will be a movie you can quite literally risk your life to see on July 1st. Here is the film's just-released trailer. Give it a looksie, and think about whether or not it's worth the gamble.