Disney Renews Threat To Release THE NEW MUTANTS In Theaters

Josh Boone's perpetually delayed film now scheduled for release this August.

You're never going to believe this, but Disney has given Josh Boone's THE NEW MUTANTS yet another release date. A theatrical one. In August. 

Take it away, Deadline:

"The much-delayed former Fox/Marvel The New Mutants is not going to Disney+ or Hulu, and remains on track for a theatrical release, now set for Aug. 28 this year. The pic’s history of release dates include April 13, 2018; Feb. 22, 2019; Aug. 2, 2019; and previously April 3 of this year. How old is New Mutants? Old Fox first dropped a trailer for the Josh Boone-directed movie at CinemaCon 2017."

Yes, for those keeping score at home, this new release date represents THE NEW MUTANTS' fifth rescheduling. Of course, some of that had to do with the Disney/FOX merger, and the most recent one had everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, but still - that's a whole bunch of release date switcheroos for one movie (it might not be the last one, either, as this latest date assumes theaters will be open in August, which is far from a sure thing as of this writing). 

It's tempting to interpret all this as being indicative of THE NEW MUTANTS' quality, but we're not entirely sure that's the case! For all we know, Boone made an awesome film (which, according to all involved, is basically an X-MEN horror movie) that Fox execs simply couldn't wrap their heads around, a problem which would only have been exacerbated by Disney's acquisition of FOX. We remain open-minded about Boone's film, and our keeping our fingers crossed that THE NEW MUTANTS is simply a victim of circumstance. 

Stay tuned for THE NEW MUTANTS' next release date, which we imagine will be along sometime in July.