Yep, That Captain Pike STAR TREK Show Is Really Happening


I don’t think I’m alone in thinking Anson Mount as Captain Pike was the best thing STAR TREK: DISCOVERY season two had going for it. I might lose some of you by admitting it’s the only thing I liked. In fact, I gave up on DISCOVERY halfway through season one and only watched season two because so many of my super cool, handsome non-nerd friends told me how great the Pike stuff was.

We’ve been hearing for a while that we’d get more Pike, Spock and Number One adventures, but I thought it would just be shorts. Or maybe a vague show idea amongst a number of new STAR TREK shows they keep talking about making. But today seems to mark a much more serious commitment. It even has a name: STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS.

Sure! Call it whatever you want! Just give us that Pike goodness with the updated-retro Starfleet stuff we’ve been wanting since DISCOVERY was announced. Go ahead and lead the whole thing up to Pike turning into a beeping trashcan. I will watch every damn second and do my best to not get too irritated by all the young Kirk appearances. Unless they are awesome, of course. Sexy young Spock isn’t my favorite, but he’s not the worst thing in the world either.

So there you go, a reason to fire up your CBS All Access account again. Just not one hitting soon. In the meantime you can use it to watch DIAGNOSIS MURDER or something with your parents.