THE KINGCAST Episode 2: SILVER BULLET (With Special Guest Mike Dougherty)

In which Scott and Eric talk to a dude who knows a thing or two about werewolves.

Listen to Episode 1: THE RUNNING MAN with Kumail Nanjiani here.

Yes, it's one week later, and as promised we are back with another episode of THE KINGCAST! This week, my co-host Eric Vespe and I are joined by GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS and TRICK 'R TREAT director Mike Dougherty, a horror filmmaker we have long admired here at BMD. For his debut appearance on THE KINGCAST, Dougherty chose 1985's SILVER BULLET, based on King's 1983 novella, CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF. 

This was an unexpected pick! Of course Dougherty's no stranger to werewolves - one of TRICK 'R TREAT's three main plotlines revolves around 'em - but we were delighted that he'd pick such an outlier of a King adaptation this early in the show's run. On air, we get into Dougherty's King origin story, his allegedly psychic former classmate, the Bernie Wrightson artwork CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF contains (we all have the same favorite image), and the startling similarities between SILVER BULLET and JAWS (no, hear us out). It's a meaty episode, a meal fit for a ravenous werewolf. Or Gary Busey. 

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Thanks for listening, y'all! We'll be back next week with Episode 3. Get hyped.