It’s Finally Time For A New TENET Trailer

In which Christopher Nolan's latest continues to pull back the curtain.

As promised, a new trailer for Christopher Nolan's TENET has arrived.

We'll get into the nitty-gritty in a second. First, let's watch that trailer.

So, a few things. One, TENET continues to look great. Everything going on here reminds us of nothing so much as Nolan's INCEPTION, a movie the BMD Crew will go to bat for any day of the week, and we're very excited to see him monkeying around in what appears to be similar territory. Who knows how mind-bending TENET's visuals might get, what mysteries it holds? Who knows how many wives will be eliminated over the course of its runtime? 

Secondly: we still don't know when TENET is hitting theaters. For the longest time, this film has held steady in the face of dozens of other films packing up their bags and moving further into the year (their assumption, of course, being that theaters won't even be open until much later in the year), but for now TENET's actual arrival date remains unclear. Our own Andrew Todd has some feelings about that, which you may or may not share.

Third: it's time to talk time travel again. Over on Amazon Prime, you can pre-order a copy of James Mottram's THE SECRETS OF TENET: INSIDE CHRISTOPHER NOLAN'S QUANTUM COLD WAR. The use of the word "Quantum" here should give you pause (quantum physics are, after all, a subject Nolan has dealt with in the past), and if that's not enough, the book's product description tips the film's hand even further, calling Nolan's film "a time-bending masterpiece". In a recent interview with GQ, TENET star Robert Pattinson assured us that Nolan's film would not be dealing with "time travel", but given the trailer above and the wording on that Amazon page, we're guessing that time distortion and/or time manipulation are absolutely the name of the game here.

Here's what the book looks like, by the way.

Anyway, that's all we got for now, but do stay tuned for more on Christopher Nolan's TENET as further updates become available.