THE OLD GUARD Trailer Cannot Kill Charlize Theron

Though it looks like the movie will make many attempts.

Some movies just sound more interesting than others. For instance, EXTRACTION is about a guy who rescues a kid from a drug lord’s goons. Sounds fine but not exactly special. Then there’s THE OLD GUARD, which is about a team of immortal badasses, being immortal and shit. Now that’s something!

Of course, the execution of these ideas determines whether the film is actually good or not. I liked EXTRACTION a lot, not totally sold on THE OLD GUARD yet, particularly after this morning’s trailer:

Even with a neat gimmicky premise and what looks like a lot of action, nothing here is really grabbing me yet. It could be because the plot appears to revolve around a youngster, which is often not a good thing (then again, EXTRACTION). But there also appears to be a blandness to all that action. Could just be the trailer editing though.

Nevertheless, you can pretty much bet on this appearing in a future Streaming Fury column. I mean, I’m not going to NOT watch this, good grief.

THE OLD GUARD hits July 10.