Looks Like Doug Liman Is Directing That Tom Cruise Space Movie

Does that mean he goes to space too?

So once again, it appears the story about Tom Cruise shooting a science fiction movie in actual space with the help of Bond villain Elon Musk is not a joke. Or if it is a joke, they are sticking to it for a while. Today brings news that Doug Liman will direct.

Apparently, Liman was involved from the beginning. As in, he’s writing the first screenplay draft. That’s a curious tidbit because that means he might be the last person to consider that real outer space or no, this thing has to have an actual story. I’ll grant you the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies aren’t exactly known for their narratives, but they are well-told action films that essentially make sense from scene to scene, which is way more than we normally get from Hollywood filmmaking on this scale.

And talk about scale. Outer space! This shit’s going to be wild. Liman isn’t exactly known for going wild, but he has a knack for delivering films that are entertaining and easy to watch, even if they only get that way by the skin of their teeth. It’s almost like Liman just gets super lucky each time out. Well, almost each time. Hopefully the CHAOS WALKING fly in the ointment doesn’t rear its ugly head in a film production this dangerous.

It’s not the most exciting news, but it’ll do. I’m glad it’s not Joseph Kosinski.