SPAWN Movie “Seismic Event” Misinterpreted As Good Thing By Jason Blum

When god talks, you need to listen.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. And not even a global pandemic can harm SPAWN’s fake it ‘till you make it optimism. It’s not just Todd McFarlane anymore, either. Now people who actually make films are getting in on the action.

While promoting the very good INVISIBLE MAN film, which was likely the last film any of us saw in theaters, Blum spoke in very excited terms about SPAWN’s chances of happening. There has apparently been “an enormous amount of activity on SPAWN” which he later describes as a “seismic event”. No one asked him how much he wanted to make the film, but he volunteered: “I wanna make the movie so badly.” I don't think he directs so chances are someone else will make the film badly.

It sounds like one day, Wampler and I are going to have to see this Spawn movie, after years of not believing it would ever happen. And we’ll be left with nothing but the CROW reboot to keep us warm at night.

There’s only the little matter of everything being shut down. But what the heck, if the Spawn movie can get this far on nothing but a plucky attitude, Covid-19 should be nothing.